This week Irish people have been targeted by a new scam called the Wangiri scam. A automatic bot calls your phone for a few seconds and hangs up, A unsuspecting person would normally call back the call and would be charged by their balance being drained or a huge amount is added to your phone bill.

The calls originate from Somalia and have a 00252 prefix.

Avoid answering calls from numbers that you cannot identify, especially if you are not expecting a call.

We have some tips for you to avoid you being caught out:

  • Do not call back a unknown number that has called you, if it’s important they will call you back.
  • Be wary of multiple calls being received from the same number.
  • Do not provide any personal information for example – banking details/PPS number/credit card details/name and address/passport number etc.
  • Do not call back any number that leaves you a blank voicemail message.


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