Today I received an Irish Coffee E-Juice for review by the Irish Brewing Company its described as “An aromatic coffee blend with a nutty finish” I am more of a fruity/bakery fan but I do love drinking coffee.

I had previously bought a Vanilla Latte E-Juice from another company which really disappointed me as it tasted absolutely terrible, All I got was dry hits and an occasional sweet syrup taste.

However, with the Irish Coffee by the Irish Brewing Company, it was a really nice experience. I didn’t get a single dry hit which is often a problem with most coffee flavours. Depending on the wattage I vaped it at it brought out different flavours varying from a nice milky coffee taste with a nutty finish to a nice delectable dark black coffee with a nutty finish. The nuts tasted like hazelnuts and was a really good combination along with the coffee. Its described as being an aromatic blend of coffee, I have to say that the coffee wasn’t a very prominent flavour but I still got notes of it but I think the nutty flavour was a bit overpowering. This may have been caused by the coil that I was using in my SMOK MAG KIT as I had previously had a citrus minty flavour in it.

Overall I’d definitely buy this E-Juice as it is the best coffee E-Juice I have ever tasted. I’m going to give this E-Juice an 8/10 as I found the nutty flavour at times was a bit overpowering. Big Thank you to the Irish Brewing Company for sending me out this wonderful E-Juice.


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