Fortnite Season 5

Today Epic Games has released season 5 of its Battle Royal. This update brings a huge array of new features to the game. The bright green grasslands of seasons 4 map has been changed up by the addition of a new desert biome.

New vehicles, weapons, skins, states and new locations such as Paradise Palms and Lazy Links have been added to the game. To help navigate the new terrains Epic has added a new vehicle called the All Terrain Kart (ATK). All 4 members of your squad can be in it at the same time and work together to obtain higher jumps in the vehicle. It also features a roof that acts as a bounce pad and has a speed boost while drifting.

They have switched up the storm mechanics now the seventh, eighth and ninth circles move in random directions making it harder for thoes pesky bush campers. The first storm will now only deal 1 damage no matter how long you are stuck in it.

The cracks in the sky of season 4 have been turned into Rifts. The Rifts will allow you to teleport through the world providing you with quick random escape routes and ways to travel throughout the world.

Players now receive additional XP for reviving their teammates in 50v50 and teams of 20 matches in hope of reducing the amount of non-team players.


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