Best desktop photo-editing apps

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom CC and Classic offer a clean simplistic user-friendly user interface which makes it perfect for beginners and intermediate users. Available on mobile devices and desktop you can even start editing on your mobile device and upload it to the creative cloud, From there you can open it and continue working from your desktop.

Because it offers a clean interface some of the editing tools are limited but its easily expandable with free downloadable add-on tools for it. Subscriptions start from €12.99 per month and grant you access to both the pc and app versions. You can also test out a free trial version here.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe PhotoShop Adobe photo shot is where you should go next after you outgrow the uses of Adobe Lightroom, It packs amazing tools that will take your photo editing skills to the next level. You can try a free trial here.


Gimp is a cross-platform free open source photo editor. Its user interface isn’t the nicest but you can change it up and get more add-ons for it because of it being open source. It already packs some sophisticated tools, overall it is a solid editor with endless possibilities due to it being open source! is a better version of the standard paint program its open source which allows you to download more tools. The user interface is pretty user-friendly for a free program but it’s more suited to quick editing jobs rather than more professional detailed work.


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